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ADDENDUM TO SPECIAL: How to REALLY Pronounce Brian Epstein’s Last Name

After we published our Ep-STEEN or Ep-STYNE minisode, we found some evidence that closes this case for good and all. Listen to our new intro and hear the evidence for yourself!


Is it Ep-STEEN or Ep-STYNE? Forget everything you’ve heard before - we’re pretty sure we have the right answer with the cold, hard facts to back it up. Warning: Controversial content!

SPECIAL: How to REALLY Pronounce Brian Epstein’s Last Name

Episode description: Is it Ep-STEEN or Ep-STYNE? Forget everything you’ve heard before - we’re pretty sure we have the right answer with the cold, hard facts to back it up. Warning: Controversial content!

16. Helter Skelter: The Beatles/Manson Connection Featuring Ivor Davis

In 1964, journalist Ivor Davis was the only British correspondent to accompany the Beatles on their entire US tour. In his prolific career, he also witnessed and reported on many game-changing moments in history — including the horrific Tate/LaBianca murders in August 1969. In this episode, Ivor joins us to talk about his new book, Manson Exposed, the connection between the Beatles and Manson, and, of course, his time with the Fab Four. Plus listeners’ letters, announcements, and Beatle banter!

15. We’re Still ‘Alive’ with Special Guest Tommy James

We’re back! This episode, we’re joined by one of the most iconic voices of the 1960s with hits like “Hanky Panky,” “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “Mony Mony,” “Crimson and Clover,” and “Draggin’ the Line” - Tommy James! He’s chatting with us about his first new album in 10 years, and, of course, the Beatles. Plus, announcements, ~new episode features, and of course, our current Beatles obsessions.

14. The ‘Yesterday’ Movie: What We Loved (and Hated)

We just saw the new movie Yesterday, and...we have feelings. Note: This episode is FULL OF SPOILERS for the movie, so listen at your own risk!

13. Linda McCartney: More than Just “Lovely”…and a Fierce Feminist Role Model

This week we look at one of our favorite people in the Beatles' story—Linda McCartney. More than just Paul's wife, Linda was a photographer, mother, musician, chef, and entrepreneur. And we think the way she lived her life makes her a badass feminist role model by example.

0:00: Opening chatter

5:20: Latest news

13:09: Announcements: BC the Beatles at the Beatles at the Ridge Festival & our next #beatlesbookclub selection: A Cellarful of Noise by Brian Epstein!

15:34: Feature

1:08:30: Fave Beatles-related things of the week

12. Beatles True Crime: Was Stuart Sutcliffe Murdered?

We're finally after a long hiatus, launching into our new season with a little Beatles true crime. Was Stuart Sutcliffe, original bassist for the Beatles... murdered? We look at the life of the band's original fifth Beatle, who died of a suspected brain aneurism in 1961, as well as his death, exploring four theories as to the cause of death. Was his death a result of a head injury? If so, did any of the other Beatles play a part? Plus, we go over some of the biggest Beatles stories since our hiatus, as well as our favorite things and some fun announcements!

0:00: Intro & the best news of 2019

11:05: Announcements

15:00: Current news

20:45: Feature: Was Stu Sutcliffe murdered?

49:30: Favorite Beatles thing of the week



11. What If the Beatles Had Passed the (1962 Decca) Audition?

On a freezing New Years Day in 1962, the Beatles had their first record label audition, for Decca records. It didn't go so well—the Beatles lost that contract to a competitor group who also auditioned. But that first rejection may have been a key to the whole Beatles' story going forward. We discuss the audition and ask the question, "Would the Beatles have been the Beatles we know today without that first audition and—more importantly—rejection?"

Plus news, history, and our unbridled joy over Paul's recent double bird on the beach!

0:00: Intro

10:10: Announcements/Giveaway winners

16:00: News

31:00: This week in Beatles History

32:45: Feature: The Decca Audition

1:10:03: Our favorite Beatles-related things of the week

10. Simply Having a Wonderful, Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

This holiday season, we look at the two most famous—and most polarizing holiday songs from the solo Beatles: Paul's "Wonderful Christmastime" and John's "Happy Xmas (War is Over)." Are these two songs as far apart from each other as they seem?

Plus history, news, an amazing giveaway announcement, and our favorite Beatles thing of the week!

0:00: Opening/Banter

8:57: History

17:41: News

36:05: Feature: "Wonderful Christmastime" and "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" battle to the death! (Not really.)

1:12:29: Our favorite Beatles-related thing of the week

#BeatlesBookClub #2: ‘Dreaming the Beatles’ with author Rob Sheffield

On this edition of #Beatlesbookclub, we discuss Rob Sheffield's fabulous book, Dreaming the Beatles: The Story of One Band and the Whole World, WITH author Rob Sheffield! Rob joins us for a fascinating, insightful, and hilarious discussion about what the Beatles mean to the world today, and how their legacy looms larger with each new generation.