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09. Women on Women of the ‘White Album’

Fittingly, episode number nine is all about the 'White Album' as we run through its history, brand-new reissues, and celebrate its golden anniversary. We also go live from the International White Album Symposium at Monmouth University to turn the spotlight onto the women who inspired the Beatles, particularly John, and who appear on the ‘White Album’—literally and symbolically.

Join us for a full Symposium recap, plus news, big announcements, and a very special favorite Beatles-related thing of the week.

08. Grab Your Tinfoil Hats! Paul is (Not?) Dead

This week, Allison and Erika keep the Halloween spirit alive with a discussion of what is perhaps the most fascinating conspiracy theory in history: the Paul is Dead hoax. How did it happen? What were the clues? Were the other Beatles in on it? Does anyone still believe it? Plus news, history, and an announcement about our upcoming live episode at the International White Album Symposium in Monmouth, New Jersey.

07. How George Martin Recorded the Beatles, Featuring Biographer and Professor Ken Womack

This week, we explore producer George Martin's impact on the Beatles' sound, why he was their perfect match, and the invaluable contributions of the late, great engineer, Geoff Emerick. Plus news, history, and more!

Featuring special guest Ken Womack, George Martin biographer, professor, and director of next month's International White Album Symposium at Monmouth University.

06. John Lennon: Sinner or Saint? Featuring Author Jude Southerland Kessler

We're celebrating Johnny's birthday (October 9th) with one of the world's most notable John Lennon experts, Jude Southerland Kessler, author of The John Lennon Series. We examine a question that is still relevant today: Was John a sinner, a saint, or something else entirely? Plus latest news, the Egypt Station Metrocard winner, and this week's favorite obsessions.

#BeatlesBookClub: ‘Love Me Do: The Beatles’ Progress’ by Michael Braun

Our first #BeatlesBookClub episode tackles Love Me Do: The Beatles' Progress, Michael Braun's 1964 real-time account of his time as an embedded reporter with the band at the height of Beatlemania. 

05. The Eppy-sode: Brian Epstein’s Triumphs and Tragedy

The life of the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, was nothing if not complex and frustratingly complicated. From his controversial business decisions to his erratic and sometimes dangerous personal relationships, most fans are united in one believe: the Beatles wouldn't have made it without Brian's passion, tenacity, foresight, and panache. Join us as we dig into Brian's life, along with the latest Beatles news, our first giveaway(!), and an announcement about #BeatlesBookClub. 

SPECIAL: ‘Egypt Station’ Breakdown and First Reactions

Paul McCartney's new album, ‘Egypt Station,’ is finally here! We recap the highs, the lows, the weirds, and the wonderfuls in our reaction episode.

04. The Beatles’ Fandom: Bigger Than Jesus? Featuring Sociologist and ‘Beatleness’ Author Candy Leonard

This week, Allison and Erika talk with Candy Leonard, author of the book Beatleness, a sociological look at the Beatles fan culture. We go over the differences and similarities between fans throughout the decades and discuss why Beatlemania is growing oddly close to becoming a religion.

03. What the Fuh? …and a Fest Recap, Featuring Beatles’ Hairdresser Leslie Cavendish

We recap the Fest for Beatles Fans, which co-host Allison attended—and actually got her hair cut by Beatles hairdresser Leslie Cavendish! Also, we deconstruct Paul McCartney's new single and the online craziness surrounding it—is this a "fuh yeah!" or "oh, fuh no!" moment?? Plus, the latest Beatles news and this week in Beatles history, featuring a debate about Ringo's contribution to the band on the anniversary of his addition to the Fab Four.

02. A Long, Strange Trip to Pepperland

Take a trip to Pepperland with us as we go through the long, weird history of Yellow Submarine—a film that one of our hosts just saw for the first time ever (crazy, right?!??!). Also, latest news, history, and some of our favorite current Beatles obsessions.