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A Bright New Voice on SiriusXM’s Beatles Channel, feat. Host Caitlin Larkin

June 13, 2022

We welcome back one of our favorite Beatle People, Caitlin Larkin, now the newest host on SiriusXM's Beatles Channel. Caitlin tells us about the innovative TikTok campaign she staged that got the attention of SiriusXM and helped her land a top role in the Beatles broadcasting world. We talk growing up as a second generation Beatles kid, the world of online trolls, and the many ways the Beatles community is growing into more of a family every day.

Plus, Allison and Erika compare their ranked list of Beatles songs with each other and with the recent SiriusXM Top 100. And we try to solve a pressing mystery: did Paul McCartney welcome a new dog to his family??  

Try the Beatles Song Sorter for yourself and let us know the results! https://sorter.neocities.org/beatles/


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